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List of items we normally have in stock



7' Canes     5  
Back Saver     ea  
Bird feeder     ea  
Blood Fish Bone   1 Kg  
Bonemeal     1 Kg  
bug killer      200ml  
Calcified Seaweed   1 Kg  
chicken manure   5kg  
Chicken Manure Pellets   20 Kg  
Compost Activator   1 Kg  
Dibbler       ea  
Dolomitic Lime     25 Kg  
drinker       10Ltr  
eggs        doz  
fence care     5ltr   
Forks       ea  
Garden String     40m  
Gloves        pair  
grit        kg  
Grow organic     15kg  
Growmore     1 Kg  
Hoe       ea  
Clover Compost 75 Ltr  
Layers Pellets     25 Kg  
Magnesium Sulphate   1 Kg  
maxicrop     500ml             
Moisture Controll Gell   Pkt  
oystershell      kg  
Perlite       10 Ltr  
Plant Labels     50  
Plant Ties     Pkt  
poultry spice        
Rat Trap     ea  
repellor ribbon      ea             
seeds        pkt  
Single Superphosphate   1 Kg  
Slug Pellets     800g  
small brush      ea  
Spades     ea  
Straw Bail     ea  
Sulphate of ammonia   1 Kg  
Sulphate of Iron     1 Kg  
Sulphate of Potash   1 Kg  
Tap Connector     ea  
timbercare      5ltr  
Trowel Set     ea  
Twist Tie Wire     ea  
Vermiculite     10 Ltr  
Wheat       25 Kg  



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