Turning Children Green Project at Rossmere Allotments 20th May 09

Overview and Introduction.
Rossmere Allotment Association received £750 from the Pride in Hartlepool Small Grant Scheme for theirTurning Children Green” project. The project aims to give school children in Hartlepool the opportunity to visit an allotment, and see how and where food can be grown at first hand, Children from 5 primary schools attended activity days at the Associations allotments in Brierton Lane, and project leader Cath McCluskey also lead activities and workshops in the schools.The project took place over the summer term and the children in this case study are from year 4 from St Joseph’s Primary School who visited on the 20th May 2009
Rossmere Allotment Association Primary School Project. ( Sponsored by Pride in Hartlepool )

The Rossmere Allotment Association has been working over several months, providing an insight in allotmenteering to the primary school children of Hartlepool.Our constant aim has been to tackle some of today’s most key and controversial issues, including those such as global warming, wildlife preservation, healthy eating in the recession, in an animated and entertaining way which appeals to children. Six schools have taken part in the project, St Teresa’s Primary School, St Cuthberts Primary School, St Joseph ’s Primary School, Sacred Heart Primary School , Owton Manor Primary School and Owton Grange Primary School .
Over two hundred children aged from three to eleven have enjoyed participating.Local primary schools are invited to visit the site in order to get a taste of the many different aspects essential to the running of a working allotment.They are shown how they can grow enough fruit and vegetables to feed their family throughout the year, providing a healthy, fresh and cheap alternative to store bought produce, which often contains un-natural ingredients as well as being saddled with large amounts of unnecessary packaging after having been
transported from around the world before reaching the supermarket shelves.The children discuss how choosing local grown foods helps reduce this carbon footprint and eliminates the need for often un-biodegradable packaging.
Demonstrations of composting are also given and the importance of the role of wildlife is also highlighted using cartoons.The children discuss how different creatures affect plant growth, for better or for worse, and how to provide the best environment for these vital links between the gardener and the garden. The physical benefits of growing fruit and vegetables are discussed, not merely the health
benefits of the food but also the exercise which working on an allotment provides “The Green Gym”.
Our Association also visits the schools were the demonstrations continue as the children help build wildlife habitats and are shown how to sow seeds, enabling them to grow their own fruit and vegetables on the school premises. We actively support and attend school gardening clubs ensuring that the children continue to develop their basic gardening skills. We encourage the children to continue gardening at home and share their new skills with other family members.

School Children Getting Ready For Planting


In September this year the Rossmere Allotments Association were visited by Catherine
Rustomji and Neil Kenley trustees from the Tees Valley Foundation, one of our
The donation awarded to our association by Tees Valley enabled our allotment site
to get established this year. The improvements the association made enabled us
to open up the site to local primary schools and disabled adults from a nearby
day care centre.

17th July 2009 Competition we entered
We are in the last 3 finalists of the garden and community
competition,organised by our Secretary Cath Mc Cluskey,and other members were
also involved.
The judges came to us, to see and get first hand information on what was
done,we are now eagerly waiting for the results which we will be released in
about 3 weeks time.

17 Jun 2009 - Hartlepool Council Roadshow (Rossmere Allotment Associaton/Hartlepool Borough Council are doing a series of Road Shows this summer and have asked Rossmere Allotments to take part. Our task in these road shows is to show the public how easy it is to grow your own food and the saving benefits. The Secretary will keep everyone informed about dates as they come in.
below pictures were taken at theThursday Market Hartlepool, explaining to visiters how to grow very cheaply,
and also how you can grow lots of our everyday Vegetables, in Large pots,and how you can do this on your own little patio if you do not have a garden

Giving out free plants at Hartlepool Market

Big Lottery Fund 1st November 2010

Kitchen Garden Competition

Tall Ships Competition

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