9 Reasons to have an allotment
Food -
grow your own and know exactly what your   eating.

Credit crunch - grow your own for a fraction of the price in the supermarkets.

Excercise -
 allotment work can be very vigerous - keep fit without the large gym fees.
Community - meet people from your community.

Environment - going green, eating home grown is environmentaly sound, no transport polution, no excessive packaging.

Competition - Go head to head with the gardening top guns of the site                               

Create a wildlife haven - Put up bird feeders, leave a log pile, grow nectar plants for butterflies, moths,bees and generally do your bit to make local wildlife feel at home.                                                                                                                            

Educate the kids - Or at least get them involved and hope they’ll pick a few things up.

The space - More and more of us live in flats rather than houses and no longer have back gardens. Allotments don’t just have to be rows of veg. You can make them whatever you want, and that could include herbaceous borders or lawns. So put a deckchair in the shed and in-between all the hectic digging, weeding and tying-in, you can sit back and relax.



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